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DFW T-Post Fence Installation & Repairs

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One of the most economical ways of fencing a large or small area of your property is to do so with a T-post design. This involves the use of metal fence posts that must be driven into the ground. This often requires specific types of tools in order to complete the project. Whether you are fencing off an area for livestock or creating a defined boundary, a T-post fence is very easy to do. Here is an overview of how this is done, and why you should consider using Fence Gate Repair Services to complete the project for you.

How To Install A T-post Fence

To install this fence, you must first define the boundaries of the fence. This begins with defining your four corners. You also want to know where you will be placing the gates for the fence. Keep in mind that you are going to use metal wires for the boundaries of the fence. There will be a substantial amount of tension between each T-post. As a general rule, the posts should not be shorter than 5 to 8 feet apart, and no further apart than 10 to 12 feet.

You will then want to position the posts at each spot that you have measured. Using a post driver, will be able to punch the posts into the ground using a hammer or sledgehammer and the post driver apparatus. Once done, you simply need to add the wire which will either be standard metal fencing wire or barbed wire. Instead of doing this on your own, you should call the professionals at Fence Gate Repair Services to assist you.

Why Would You Need T-post Fence?

There are so many reasons that a T-post fence can be beneficial for your property. In many cases, cattle ranchers that own hundreds of acres will likely want to install one to keep their livestock safe. Not only will it prevent predators from getting in but it will also ensure that the cattle will remain in a specific area.

This is why these fences are also installed to corral these animals. It will also prevent animals like deer from getting into your gardens. If you have a rural property, these are advantageous for maintaining the safety of not only livestock but also your family. They can also provide an enclosed area for pets that you have that want to play.

How To Find Companies That Offer This Service

The easiest way to locate a business that offers this type of services to search for them directly online. Many of the companies that are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are advertising their services. You may see billboards as you are driving or receive direct mail from these companies.

In most cases, however, online advertising is the primary ways that they are attracting new customers. Instead of finding and evaluating every company that comes your way, you should instead contact our business so that we can help you out.

Why Should You Work With Our Company?

Our business is well-known throughout the region as being honest business. It is a family business, formed by hard-working people that have been doing this for well over three decades. If you need to have your DFW T-Post fence installation done soon, it’s important to contact them as early as possible.

It is difficult to find companies that will be able to complete the project for you on short notice during the spring and summer months. The same is true for repairs. By contacting our company, you can feel confident that we will complete your T-post fence for a minimal cost in the shortest amount of time.

We’re providing the best quality services

We are dedicated to providing our clients in DFW, TX with quality services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

What Other Services Do They Provide?

Other services that we provide include the installation of various types of fences. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We are capable of offering these services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Regardless of your location, we can give you an estimate. At the very least, you can contact us to get an estimate on the total cost. We will send representatives out to your location to take measurements. Based on that information, we can then provide you with an accurate estimate of the total cost and when we will begin to do this project.

If you have not been able to find a local Dallas-Fort Worth T-post fence installation and repair company, contact our business today. Fence Gate Repair Services has been offering these services for many years. We have the proper licensing and insurance to give you confidence in regard to our business. If you would like to get a quote, you can call us directly. A friendly representative will schedule a time to come out to your location. If this is for livestock, your family, or a play area for your pets, you can have your post fence installed by our business in no time at all. Call us today.