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Fence Gate Repair Services:

Call Entry Gate Repair & Install Services

Call entry gates have a layer of security added to them in order to prevent unauthorized entry.

Call Entry Gate Repair & Install Services – Fence Gate Repair Services

If security is your top priority, call entry gates are a great option for you. Even though call entry gates have a pleasant aesthetic look similar to traditional options, they are specifically built to keep the wrong people out and to keep people inside safe.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable call gate repair and installation services in DFW, you have come to the right place. Fence Gate Repair Services is your trusted partner in DFW, TX when it comes to call gate repair and installation services. Here is why you need to choose Fence Gate Repair Services for all your call gate repair and installation needs in DFW!

There are different types of call entry gates on the market today. Some call entry gates are designed to have a security guard on the other side of the speaker to decide whether or not to let in a person while some other gates have fingerprint and keypad code-based security features. Here are some of the most common types of call entry gate systems on the market today:

Keypad-Code Based Security

The keypad code call entry gate is a popular option on the market today. There is a numeric keypad and code by the gate, and you should punch it to open the gate.

The security code is usually a 4-digit number, but that isn’t always the case. If too many people get access to the security code, the entire system stops being useful.

Fingerprint Entry

The fingerprint entry call gate system comes with a fingerprint scanner that could memorize multiple thumbprints. It’s a great way of ensuring that only a select group of people have access to the property.

If you have guests, they should come with someone who has access to open the gate via thumbprint. This type of security gate system is ideal for high-security areas with limited access.

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The Card System

A card system call entry gate has numerous cards programmed to allow access. If you have a card, you can get in. But if you don’t have a card, bad luck. This type of system is quite popular in places like gated communities and luxury apartment complexes where a lot of people require access, but they need to limit outsiders from coming in.

If you think the card system isn’t secure enough for your facility, you can easily combine the system with the keypad-code system for the second layer of security.In such a situation, a visitor will need a card as well as a security code to have access to your property. It’s a great way to add more security to your premises.

Automatic Vehicle ID System

This is another popular call entry gate system on the market today. There will be a small sticker with a little bar code on your vehicle that gets scanned by a camera before the gate opens. The automatic vehicle ID system includes the latest technology in the industry.

Why Hire A Professional?

Call entry gates are high-tech equipment that requires professional installation, maintenance, and repairs.

If you have an issue with your call entry gate, you should work with an experienced professional such as Fence Gate Repair Services to maintain and repair it.

Fence Gate Repair Services is your trusted partner in DFW for all call entry gate repair and maintenance needs. We provide a large variety of gate services. We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured and service all of the DFW Area in Texas.

Trying to solve the issue on your own may mean that you actually make the original problem worse.

Our team has the necessary expertise and skills to identify the exact cause of the problem and minimize the risk of making the problem worse.

Fence Gate Repair Services has been serving the DFW community for many years with affordable pricing & professional gate technicians.

You will always get the best services and affordable prices when you call us. You can contact our expert team anytime for a Free consultation on any business or residential property. Call Fence Gate Repair Services for all your call gate repair and installation needs in DFW!