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Fence Gate Repair Services:

DeSoto Commercial & Residential Gate & Fence Repair Services

Fences and gates provide many benefits to both residential and commercial properties.

An Overview Of Our DeSoto Fence Repair & Gate Installation Services

In Dallas County, specifically in the city of DeSoto, there are many people that have fences with automated gates. If you currently have any issue with paneling on your fence, or a gate opener that is not functioning, you will need a professional team to assess the problem and fix it. DeSoto is just one of the many areas that our company provides our services to.

Our business, Fence Gate Repair Services, specializes in both gate and fence repairs. If you need to install an entirely new fence, along with a gate that will open automatically, we can also assist you with that as well. Here is a brief overview of why you should consider contacting our company for gate and fence-related issues.

Common Problems with Fences in DeSoto

If you are a residential homeowner that has a fence circumventing your property, problems can arise at any time. It could be the result of the lumber deteriorating due to weather.

You may have also had a direct impact from the vehicle that has damage the fence. Depending upon the material that the fence is made from, repairs can be done quite quickly.

From wrought iron fences to chain-link fences, our company is able to assess the damage quickly and provide those repairs for you.



Common Gate Related Problems

Although problems with your fence can arise, many of the problems that you will encounter with a fence revolves around the gate. For manual gates to those that are open automatically, there are multiple issues that can arise. Automated systems will rely on some form of electrical power. This may originate from direct electrical lines, batteries, or from solar energy. If the electrical current is no longer flowing to motor, it’s not going to function. Similarly, mechanical issues can also be problematic. As time passes, the mechanism itself can fall into disrepair.

Foreign objects, such as pebbles, can actually prevent the gears from moving. If there are sensors, these could be damaged or blocked. Even the remote control that you are using can have issues which could be as simple as dead batteries. For all of your fence and gate related issues, for either your residential or commercial property, our business can assist you.

Why Choose Fence Gate Repair Services?

Our company, Fence Gate Repair Services, has been servicing communities in Texas for many years. We have many clients in DeSoto. From the installation of entirely new gates and fences, to repairs that must be done, we have assisted a vast number of people.

Our team of professionals is fully licensed to perform DeSoto fence repair & gate installation services. Additionally, we are insured and bonded, ensuring that you can trust that our company is serious about providing quality services.

If you need to have repairs done, or a new fence installed, we can dispatch a worker to your location at your earliest convenience. However, we also provide many additional services that you may be interested in as well.

The Many DeSoto Services That We Currently Offer

Our business is able to install several different types of fences. We can install a T-post fence, chain-link fence, and wrought iron fences as well. If you need a specific design, you can request that we make it for you. A fence can actually do more than provide you with security and protection. The appearance of the fence, and the material that it is made from, can actually improve the value of the structure and property that it is protecting.

In addition to installing fences, we can also put in one or more electronic gates. These gates can be those that open normally, or you may want to install the ever-popular sliding gates that take up less room. At the very least, if you need a driveway gate, we can install that as well. These services, and many more, are offered by our company at the most affordable prices available.

Reasons That You Can Trust Our Business

Any business that is trustworthy has specific characteristics that any quality business will possess. We currently have decades of experience, working with businesses and residential homeowners, all throughout the state of Texas.

We are also a company that has fully trained employees. Our businesses licensed, bonded, and insured. We also guarantee the work that we do ensuring that all of our clients are satisfied.

If you are currently experiencing a problem with a game that does not open, or if you need a fence panel replaced, we can assist you at any time.

Our goal is to always provide the people of DeSoto with the best possible services at the lowest possible price points.

When searching for a reliable business in DeSoto to assist you with your residential or commercial gate, our business can certainly help you.

Fence Gate Repair Services is a reliable company, one that has stood the test of time, providing our services for thousands of clients.

If you simply need to troubleshoot a problem with your gate, or if you need an entire gate and fence installed, we will be more than happy to provide you with services.

For additional information about our company, or to schedule an appointment, visit our website today.

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