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Commercial Gate Access Control Installation And Repair

Why Commercial Access Control Gate Installation And Repair Are Essential

Owning or managing a business is undeniably stressful. A successful business consists of a huge number of inputs and outputs – all of which must be managed very carefully in order for the business to enjoy a competitive advantage. There are human resources and accounting challenges, production and information technology management, and logistics to take into account, even before one examines the challenges of the long-term strategy.

A business owner requires laser-like focus and commitment in order to ensure that each part of the business contributes to a healthy bottom line.

However one aspect of running a business now requires even more attention than it traditionally receives – and that is the issue of security. The latest statistics released by the FBI crimes involving commercial property and households make up 60.5% of the 8.9 million crimes committed in the United States. However, there is evidence to indicate that the crimes affecting businesses are becoming more violent. The National Retail Federation recently conducted a survey where 65% of respondents indicated that criminals are exhibiting more aggressive behavior.

For the above reason, commercial property owners and managers are now focused on one of the most important parts of the total security solution – access control.

Commercial access control gates provide the business with a variety of benefits, with security being arguably front and center given the current spiraling number of criminal acts that affect commercial properties.

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It almost goes without saying that the ability to limit access to business premises is one of the key factors that will affect the level of criminal activity. By limiting access to only those who are authorized to be on the premises the business reduces the possibility of those with criminal intent entering the premises. If criminals can be prevented from entering they simply have no opportunity to carry out robberies or other criminal activity.

Protection of Sensitive Data

Access control gates not only protect physical assets. They are also essential parts of a security system that protects the health and well-being of employees. Given the trend towards increasingly violent robberies, the installation of access control gates should be a business priority. However, there are other non-tangible assets that are increasingly the target of criminals. It is not only hackers who are after data – but physical access to drives allows criminals to quickly and efficiently download sensitive data – a real concern.

There are a number of security gate options available to the business, including automated systems that require a keycard or data pad entries. The most modern of these systems can also use biometric data such as fingerprints (or even retina scanning) to allow entry to the premises.

However, there are reasons other than security why the services of a professional access gate installer and finance expert are absolutely essential for any business, retail or B2B.

Streamlined Entry and Exit

The use of ‘turnstile’ type gate access can eliminate crowding in the foyer of the building. the use of a keycode or chipped employee badge and the limitations of only a single person in the turnstile at once can prevent injury – and overcrowding.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

An access control gate allows for authorized entry into a premises 24/7. This allows employees to work at any time of the night or day. Given the increasing focus by many businesses on a hybrid working model where some of the time working is spent at home, while some are spent at the office this sort of access control simply makes sense.

Cost Savings

Installing gate access control systems can be of tremendous financial benefit to the company. Insurers who are confident that the organization has taken every reasonable step to safeguard their business premises will be more likely to offer discounts. In extreme cases where break-ins occur on a regular basis, the business might very well encounter difficulties getting insurance cover – and if that is available the premiums will be higher than those offered to businesses that have prioritized security.

However, prior to selecting the type of access control gate that will meet the unique requirements of the business the owners or management must ensure that they select the right service provider.

There are a number of factors to consider. The installer and repair specialist should be local and offer 24/7 emergency support. A local company will simply be able to respond more quickly than one that has to travel a greater distance. The company should also be bonded, licensed, and insured.

Their technicians should receive world-class training – and it should be refreshed on a regular basis, however, this must be backed up by knowledge of the challenges that a business might face (family-owned Fence Gate Repair Services has a combined 30+ years of experience).

A family-owned business with 30 years of combined experience

If your business is in the DFW area of Texas and you are in need of professional access gate solutions and repair services then don’t delay, contact Fence Gate Repair Services today.